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The Retirement Income Gap and Helpful Hints for Plan Sponsors

The Retirement Income Gap

Many American workers participate in company retirement plans, methodically contributing to their accounts over time to fund for life after work. Beyond benefiting from employer-funded plans, retirees commonly draw from additional savings tucked away in IRAs or after-tax savings accounts as well. Add Social Security payments to the mix and it should be a recipe for a secure retirement, right?  

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Avoid being poor, strive to be rich in single retirement account

The famous dialogue between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Earnest Hemingway is subject to much nitpicking as to who said what, but supposedly Scott said, “the rich are different from us…” and Hemingway replied “Yes. They have money.”  So to paraphrase, we might say, “those with more than an adequate sized retirement account are different. They have money.”

Is the punchbowl half empty or half full?

I don’t know about you, but I tend to worry about things that probably wouldn’t faze the average person.  Worrying is a habit that I’ve had for as long as I can remember, but the practice, for the most part, has worked.  Nothing catastrophic has happened.  So how does someone with this mindset come to terms with a 9½-year stock market expansion marking the longest in history. With market cycles typically lasting from four to seven years, I could have started worrying about five years ago — and for sure starting two years ago.

Factor taxes when making Social Security decisions

Every time I take further interest in Social Security, I learn something I didn’t know; it’s like the layers of an onion. In the 19 years of writing this column, I’ve written about different aspects of the program 13 times — everything from the quality of government bonds that fund it to different strategies for getting the most out of what we have contributed over the years.

A quest for the computerized investment tool

The Holy Grail of mutual fund investing back in the ’70s and ’80s was the concept of a computerized “black box” that would move money in and out of mutual funds in anticipation of future market moves. It was a search for anything that could time the markets. With most people being “newbies” to the practice of investing in mutual funds, this had an obvious attraction.

Focus on the goal and the investments will fall into place

Professional golfers within 150 yards of the green focus only on the target (the flag stick) and forget any and all of the 21 so-called “swing thoughts” that come into play to create the perfect shots we see on television. In the same vein, mastering the mental challenge of investing by focusing on a goal is more important than understanding all the qualities and uses of various investment products. Gaining a clear picture of an investment goal is a first step, and what follows is a march to achievement that may, or may not, take place with certainty.

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