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Balanced fund investing: Only half the freak out during a stock market slide

Any time the stock market reaches all-time highs, the contributing factors are varied and their influences are impossible to measure. What we do know is that American companies for several years now have enjoyed steadily increasing profits, which are finally resulting in lower unemployment figures.

Stagnant growth of incomes, of course, has been a contributing factor to these rising corporate profits, but there are many other fundamentals, like the expected continuation of low interest rates, which make it impossible to credit the highs to any one factor.

How “selling too soon and never buying at the bottom” might actually make sense

J.P. Morgan once opined, “I made my money by selling too soon and never buying at the bottom.” Other financial titans from Baron von Rothschild to Bernard Baruch have made similar statements — not to mention (probably) Yogi Berra.

While on its face, the advice may sound counterintuitive compared to the simplistic “buy-low/sell-high” mantra, the investment climate today presents challenging extremes.

A technique exists that can automatically prompt us to sell too soon and not buy at the bottom.

Eroding fraud prevention in U.S. government is detrimental

Forty years ago, I owned an interest in a local bar that immediately showed indications of getting ripped off by the manager and employees. I hired a moonlighting IRS agent whose day job involved hanging out in restaurants and bars to determine how much cash was not being declared for income tax purposes. After hanging out in my bar for just two nights, he reported that there were five different ways money was being stolen. The bar closed anyway soon after opening when someone got stabbed outside, but that’s not the point.

2017 brought good tidings for the economy, but what lies ahead?

The Disney character Uncle Scrooge McDuck must be happily swimming around in his money bin these days thanks to our economy in its record eighth year of expansion. While there is plenty to be anxious about today, most Americans can at least take some joy in the state of their financial affairs — a condition fundamentally attributable to we citizens having had the resources and leadership to preserve our financial system when it teetered on the brink back in ’08.

Benefit Insights: End of the Year Checklist

As the year-end approaches, our to-do lists can be lengthy. There are holidays to prepare for, employee performance reviews to complete, and, oh, wait, there is also the year-end data collection package from your TPA! We have once again reached that magical time of the year when you get to submit information regarding your retirement plan so your compliance services can be completed. While your TPA firm does the heavy lifting, the information you submit is the basis for accurate compliance testing. While not very exciting, this information is important.

Why the cost of running our government is worth every penny

French citizen Alexis de Tocqueville wrote the book “Democracy in America” back in 1835. To this day, it is still considered the best book describing the American political system and its social structure. The advantage de Tocqueville had was that he visited America and viewed our country as an outsider. Unlike us, he managed to see the forest in spite of the trees.

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