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Investment advisor and Pension Dynamics CEO and Founder, Stephen J. Butler, has written two well-received books on investing fundamentals that can help clients build wealth and retire comfortably. He writes in an engaging, entertaining style while presenting complex information in understandable terms. Additionally, he’s written the definitive Pension Dynamics Guide to 401(k) Plan Design and Operation.

The Pension Dynamics Guide to 401(k) Plan Design and Operation

This book serves as a guide for retirement plan decision-makers who are responsible for selecting vendors, investment advisors and record-keepers required for the successful operation of a 401(k) or any qualified retirement plan.  Making informed decisions regarding these choices requires a general understanding of what elements apply to design an operation of retirement plans.

Like the layers of an onion, the rules and services characteristic of these plans are complex.  Many advisors focus only on what is superficial as opposed to the addressing the deeper layers that lead to sanctions and penalties if ignored or misunderstood.   The book serves to alert company owners, financial officers and human resource executives with respect to awareness necessary to avoid the experience of any red flags in the future operation of the plan that serves their employees and themselves.

Roadmap to Riches

This book describes the guiding principles that have traditionally led employees to retirement plan investment success and financial independence. It offers advice covering the entire spectrum of what people need to know, regardless of where they are in the retirement investment process. From the young employee signing up for their first plan to someone actually spending their retirement plan money in retirement, this book offers a “track to run on,” including simple illustrations of investment concepts.

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Roadmap to Retirement Security

This book won't waste your time. It explains the fundamentals leading to investment success while avoiding the all-too-common "dumbed-down" information that just tells readers what they already know. Sophisticated concepts like "marked-to-market" and "the snap-back phenomenon" and "Modern Portfolio Theory" are some of the book's themes that can lead to confidence and success as investors.

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