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Value Proposition

Retirement Plans

  • Open Architecture Platform.  Pension Dynamics Company LLC (PDC) utilizes an “open architecture” platform enabling us to offer our plans funds from throughout the entire mutual fund industry.    The platform itself is a seamless electronic environment that currently services over 4 million participants.
  • Expertise.  Our over thirty five year experience as registered investment advisors and Third Party Administrators have allowed our clients to enjoy plans that are in compliance with all of the required rules and regulations.   In addition, the individualized employee education, the selections of the low cost and highly rated mutual funds allow our plan participants to accumulate substantial account balances in their retirement plans.
  • Employee Education.  We conduct employee meetings in a group setting to promote the plan and provide investment education.  We also conduct individual meetings for those who need the advice about their investment selections.   Our investment education is a corner stone of the Pension Dynamics relationship and explains why some of our clients have been with us now for thirty years.  No other organization offers the same level of sophisticated allocation and diversification techniques, essentially Modern Portfolio Theory.

Benefit Plans

  • Expertise.  All of our Flexible Benefit Plan Account Managers are trained in claims adjudication and plan compliance.  We currently handle over 100 Flexible Benefit Plans and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) with over 4,500 participants and adjudicate more than $8.5 million in payable claims each year.
  • Our Focus. PDC works with employers to design or improve a blend of financial tools, administrative procedures, and employee communication efforts to help them achieve maximum impact for every dollar of employee compensation.
  • Hard Dollar Savings.  Employers save on the Social Security tax, Medicare and other state taxes that they are required to contribute on behalf of their employees.  Your company can expect to save approximately 10 cents on every dollar employees run through the plan(s).
  • Soft Dollar Savings.  Participants are able to keep some of their compensation that would have otherwise disappeared in taxes, in effect getting a “raise” that costs the employer nothing in cash or payroll taxes.   Satisfaction with their existing benefits package is increased helping to retain valuable staff members.  These benefits can also be a useful recruiting tool.  They can make a difference when trying to attract talented, committed professionals to your organization.